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14th December 2013

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Kingdom Hearts 1, 2 & 3 through the years.

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11th December 2013


I did it!

I did it!

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2nd December 2013

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23) Die Another Day 
"Sigmund Freud, analyze this!" If you wanted to go back in time to the 60s and convince someone the future was a dystopia, playing them this song might just do it.

22) Tomorrow Never Dies 
Sheryl Crow
God Sheryl Crow is awful.

21) Another Way To Die (Quantum of Solace)
Jack White & Alicia Keys
Christ this one is so shitty

20) The Living Daylights 
I kind of have a soft spot for this song but it sucks

19) Nobody Does It Better (The Spy Who Loved Me)
Carly Simon
This song always sounds weird because it’s a lady but when she says “Nobody does it better she sounds like South Park’s Michael Jackson voice.

18) The Man With The Golden Gun
It just isn’t catchy at all.

17) All Time High (Octopussy)
Rita Coolidge
I kinda like this song a little bit. It’s just nothing special. The chorus sucks butts but the verses are okay.

16) License To Kill
Gladys Knight
This song is kinda good, I feel like it should be better because Gladys Knight is the shit but the song itself isn’t that great. But her voice just carries so well!

15) For Your Eyes Only
Sheena Easton
Awesome chorus, though it sounds exactly like something else I just can’t quite put my finger on it…

14) On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
The John Barry Orchestra
This orchestral shit is dope and catchy

13) Russia With Love 
Matt Monro
Nothing particularly special. Sounds like some Sinatra shit. Kind of says Russia like “Rushur” which is classic

12) A View To Kill
Duran Duran
Some might think I overrated this song? It’s so overpoweringly 80s, but I love me some synthesizer and Duran Duran. DANCE! IN TO THE FIRE!

11) The World Is Not Enough
So first I should note that after I finished the list I was missing one and completely forgot and had to go through the list and check it twice to remember which one I forgot. THAT BEING SAID this song has kinda boring verses but it’s chorus is just so good that it has carried itself this high. THE WOOOORLD IS NOOOOT ENOOOOUGH, but it is such a perfect PLAAACE TO START, MY LOOOOOVE. 

10) You Know My Name (Casino Royale)
Chris Cornell
This is how I know the rankings get tough now. I fucking LOVE this song! I don’t even know who Chris Cornell is but the chorus is so fucking real, I”VE SEEN ANGELS FALL FROM BLINDING HEIIIGHTS ahhhh this shit gets me so hype ARM Y’SELF CAUSE NO ONE ELSE HERE WILL SAAAAAVE YOOOOOOU

19) Skyfall
I’m actually not sure if I like this song more than the one above it, now that I think about it. But this shit rocks. I just love how solemn it is, and it just has this feel like of an old Shirley Bassey track, it’s so soulful and the instrumental is amazing too, the orchestral stuff behind Adele just makes it so heavy.

8) Goldeneye
Tina Turner
The chorus on this thing is just perfect. The way her voice trebles when she’s Goldeneyeeeee, also those YOU’LL NEVER KNOOOOOOWS. But still, not even sure I like it more than Skyfall or YKMN. This 9-10-11 ranking is a clusterfuck that will change depending on my mood. 

7) Moonraker
Shirley Bassey
Shirley Bassey is a goddess. Her voice is just so powerful. “Just like the moooonraker goooooes.” She can make singing what is basically gibberish have so much depth, her voice isn’t just singing it’s kind of acting too, she really conveys strong emotions. And she BELTS too. Ahhhh this song is so good.

6) Thunderball
Tom Jones
This song rocks from the very first second. I love that recurring orchestral riff. I also have a serious weakness for Tom Jones’ voice. It’s kinda goofy sounding but I love it. I love the lyrics, even if just the word “Thunderball” is seriously silly. Extra points for being one of the most sing-alongable songs of the franchise.

5) You Only Live Twice
Nancy Sinatra
I think only this youtube comment can summarize my feelings on this song:
Gary hillerich2 weeks ago

first big screen movie ever saw.. fell in love with Nancy of course,& was a James Bond[Sean Connery & Roger Moore & liked Dalton too] fan almost forever..walked out of the first Pierce Bronson James Bond movie & have not seen a Hollywood movie since nor bought a music CD [unless it was an oldie on sale..[when they used to make real music & actually play instraments]..Hollywood is dead 4 all intensive purposes..the Zionists have destroyed it & the music industry as well, to promote their satanic “do what thou wilt” new world order L hole..

4) Diamonds Are Forever
Shirley Bassey
OMG KANYE RIPPED THIS SHIT OFF FUCKING NIGGER UNTALENTED LAZY ILLUMINATI ETC. So this song is fucking incredible the instrumental is off the hook and Bassey just KILLS IT, like I said earlier, her singing voice just has so much emotion in it, like this song is about materialism bred through loneliness, and she just conveys that so well. When she belts “I don’t need looooove,” ho boy, chills down my spine. So good.

3) Live And Let Die
Paul McCartney & Wings
I fucking love this song. One of my favorite songs ever, one of the huge reasons why Paul is my favorite Beatle too. I looove the opening to it, and then it breaks in to such a secret agent sounding song. And then it transitions again in to that weird folksy “What does it matter to ya? When you got a job to do…” Sounds a lot like those old kinda goofy Beatles songs. I lose it at the “You know you did you know you did you know you diiii-ids” I love this song a lot. 

2) Dr No (James Bond Theme)
John Barry Orchestra
I don’t actually prefer listening to this song over most of the ones it’s listed above, but it’s just so iconic and completely drilled in to popular culture. Who HASN”T hummed this song while pretending to sneak around doing some shit? Hiding behind walls and shit pretending you’re James Bond? This song is synonymous not only with James Bond, but with all secret agenting and general sneakiness. Makes my nipples a little hard to listen to.

1) Goldfinger
Shirley Bassey
Quite literally the greatest song of all time. There is no song in the universe I prefer to this one, it’s just so sinister sounding and yet so mysteriously alluring… Just like Goldfinger! That riff that comes after every time she says “Mr… GooooldFINGA” It’s too good. I kinda of just want to type out all of the lyrics to it. FOR A GOLDEN GIIIIRL, KNOWS WHEN HE’S KISSED HER— IT’S THE KISS OF DEATH! FROM MR GOOOLDFINGER

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18th November 2013

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Request Michael Bloomberg purchase the New York Knicks from James Dolan TODAY →

Dear Mayor Michael Bloomberg,
First off, a thank you for all your wondeful service to our city in your 3 terms in office. You have been a dedicated public servant who has done so much good in moving our city forward in to the 21st century and improving the lives of the people of our city. As your tenure in office is coming to an end, I must think that you are wondering how you can continue your legacy of improving the lives of the people of the city you love so much—and I would like to raise an idea for you:

Buy the Knicks. Please. 
The New York Knicks are a storied basketball franchise that, under the “leadership” of James Dolan, the eccentric man-child, has won a single playoff series in his entire tenure as owner. This is not a coincidence—Dolan meddles in the front office and uses the team to settle personal vendettas with players. By doing so, James Dolan actively harms New York City by robbing it of the potential glory a championship would bring, along with the possible revenue an extended playoff run and even NBA Finals birth would bring to New York. 

The New York Knicks are our team, us being New Yorkers, but we are stuck in a boondoggle where we are all slave to James Dolan’s whims and urges. Every year, James Dolan spits on 60 years of New York City history by continually dragging the New York Knicks through his mud, and the people of New York, the people whom the team truly belongs to, are forced to sit back and watch in horror.

Mr Mayor, You are a man who loves New York City, a man of great wealth and even greater character, a man who I know could lead the basketball team of New York to success just as you did New York City. You are a successful businessman and more importantly New Yorker who has succeeded in every industry he’s gotten involved with, and the city needs you to step up now more than ever.

Please help us Mayor Bloomberg, you’re our only hope.

-Wes, proud citizen of New York City.

That was my letter I just sent in. Please follow me in this endeavor.

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3rd October 2013

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10 Ways To Become A Buzzfeed Blogger

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Congratulations, you are internet famous!

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25th July 2013


damn, old penn station is seriously one of the most beautiful buildings i’ve ever seen in my life. i am dumbstruck at the idea of there being a consensus of people who believed it should be torn down for madison square garden. for some reason, looking at these pictures i feel a real sense of dread and loss like so much beauty and history was lost. ugh.

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